Current Observations
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Air Temperature / Humidity
Current Temperature °C ( °F)
Max Temperature °C at Min Temperature °C at
Hours of Frost (reset at 10:00 hrs)
Temperature change (1 hr) °C Temperature change (24 hr) °C
Ave. Temperature (24 hr) °C
Ave. Temperature (since 6am) °C Ave. Temperature (since 6pm) °C
Current Relative Humidity %
Max Relative Humidity % at Min Relative Humidity % at
Current Absolute Humidity g/m3
Relative Humidity change (1 hr) % Dewpoint change (1 hr) °C
Current Dewpoint °C
Max Dewpoint °C at Min Dewpoint °C at
Wetbulb Temperature °C Wetbulb (difference) °C
Windchill Temperature °C Min Windhcill °C at
Heat Index °C
Max Heat Index °C at Min Heat Index °C at
Humidex °C Max / Min Humidex Max. °C / Min.
Temperature Humidity Index (THI) Heat Load Index (HLI)
Cloud Height m ( ft)
Ground Temperature / Soil Temperature (10cm)
Ground Temperature °C
Max Ground Temperature °C Min Ground Temperature °C
Soil Temperature °C
Max SoilTemperature °C Min Soil Temperature °C
Weather Conditions
Weather Conditions
Solar Description
Apparent Temperature °C ( °F)
Max Apparent Temperature °C at Min Apparent Temperature °C at
Apparent Solar Temperature °C ( °F) Feels Like Temperature °C
Barometric Pressure mb ( inches) Pressure Trend mb/hr ()
Max Barometric Pressure mb at Pressure Trend mb at
Pressure Change (3 hr) mb () Pressure Change (6 hr) mb
Pressure Change (12 hr) mb Pressure Change (24 hr) mb
Vapour Pressure kpa Air Density kg/m3
Current Windspeed mph (, )
Average Windspeed mph Wind Direction ° ()
Max Average mph at Max Average Direction
Max Gust (last hour) mph at Max Gust Direction ° ()
Max Gust (today) mph at ()
Average 10min Wind mph (, ) Average 10min Direction ° ()
Max 10min Wind mph Max Gust (last 10mins) mph
Wind Run Today miles Sea Conditions
Today's Rain mm ( inches) Current Rain Rate mm/hr
Rain (last hour) mm Rain Duration minutes
Total Rain (last 3 hours) mm Max Rain (in an hour) mm at
Total Rain (last 6 hours) mm Max Rain Rate mm/hr at
Total Rain (last 24 hours) mm Storm Rain Total mm (since: )
Days with no Rain day(s) Consecutative Rain Days days(s)
Yesterdays Rain mm Rain Days (this month) days(s)
Sunshine / Solar / E.T.
Sunshine Hours
Current Solar w/m2 (%) Current UV Index , Burntime minute(s)
Max Solar w/m2 at Max UV Index at
Max Solar (yesterday) w/m2 at Max UV Index (yesterday) at
Evaportranspiration mm Evaportranspiration (yesterday) mm
Current THSW Index Max / Min THSW Index Max / Min
Soil Moisture / Leaf Wetness (0-15)
Soil Moisture Cb Leaf Wetness
Max Soil Moisture Cb Max Leaf Wetness
Min Soil Moisture Cb Min Leaf Wetness
Heat & Cold Degree Days / Growing Days
Heat Degree Days (day) Heat Degree Days (month)
Cold Degree Days (day) Cold Degree Days (month)
Growing Days (month)
Fire Weather Index
Fine Fuel Moisture Code (FFMC) Build Up Index (BUI)
Initial Spread Index (ISI) Duff Moisture Code (DMC)
Drought Code (DC) Fire Weather Index (FWI)
Chandler Burning Index